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Keep Your Remote Workforce Secure & Productive

The global workforce was caught by surprise when it was suddenly forced to transition to remote working.

The challenge now is to transition to a ‘work from anywhere’ strategy, ensuring that you can give your employees what they need to be productive and efficient from anywhere – with zero risk to security.

With Cyolo, you can securely connect your remote employees to their office desktop and business applications, enabling you to maintain business continuity.

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Getting Started. As Easy as 1-2-3

You can install and get setup on Cyolo within just 15 minutes.

any platform

On any platform (On premise/Cloud) and any network topology

No dedicated hardware

No dedicated hardware or infrastructure

no network configuration

No network configuration changes

no agents

No agents required

secure self service enrollment

Secure self-service enrollment

Solution Highlights

Access to business applications including ERP, CRM, SWIFT, BI and more


Access to desktops and servers over web browser (RDP/VNC/SSH)


Apply multi factor authentication


Prevent data leak and files transfer


Suprvised sensitive and 3rd party access


Compliance Readiness