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Agentless Third-Party Secure Remote Access for OT

New Research Report

How are industrial organizations mitigating risks to the connected OT environment?

Ponemon Institute and Cyolo examine how organizations are managing security challenges like third-party access and IT/OT connectivity.

Cyolo enables secure remote operations for OT organizations

Secure third-party and vendor access

Need to bring in outside vendors for OT maintenance or troubleshooting? Cyolo grants temporary, granular access without exposing your entire network. This happens all from a browser without installing any software — yes, even if you want to use native tools like TIA Portal or Factorytalk.

Keep all data within your trusted boundaries

Our on-premises only deployment architecture lets you keep all sensitive data within your own boundaries. No cloud connectivity required. This helps keep your OT assets secure.

Looking for a hybrid cloud option in addition to on-prem? We also offer a secure SaaS deployment architecture.

Integrate with legacy systems with no changes to infrastructure or workflows 

Cyolo integrates with modern and legacy ICS applications and devices to provide secure access. So there’s no need to replace existing infrastructure. And you can keep working the way you’ve always worked. 

Case Study

How Rapac Energy Solved OT Security Challenges with Cyolo 

A leading power plant operator, Rapac Energy, needed to provide secure access to their OT and SCADA systems to external suppliers, global support teams, and customers. The company previously used a virtual private network (VPN), but access was slow, usage was bulky, and employees were frustrated. The new solution had to provide multiple security features that comply with stringent regulatory and internal requirements.  

Rapac Energy looked to Cyolo to solve these security challenges. The entire implementation process took only one day — the shortest implementation Rapac Energy had ever experienced.

“No solution gives me so much control and security like Cyolo. It’s everything I need in one solution.” 

Shlomo Kamilyan, CISO and CIO, Rapac Energy

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