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The Access Company for the Digital Enterprise

The first and only Zero Trust Access platform designed to enhance safety and security, operational agility, and user experience for hybrid organizations.

One Adaptable Solution That Provides Zero Trust Access & Connectivity To Every IT And OT Environment


Maintain Full Control And Visibility.

Ensure secure access to specific applications by connecting only verified identities. With continuous authorization, users are granted the necessary permissions to minimize risk.

Gain full control through audit trails, session recordings, and supervised access. Additionally, our solution empowers organizations to respond promptly to attacks by seamlessly integrating with existing security systems. Leveraging real-time data, we take immediate action to mitigate risk, such as blocking access to infected endpoints or prompting additional security measures when potential credential theft is detected.

Validated By Industry Experts

Unified Digital Access Made Easy

We have revolutionized the access challenge by designing a groundbreaking solution that achieves what others simply cannot.

Increased Business Agility

  • Simple to deploy

  • Unified access platform (single pane of glass)

  • Supports cloud, hybrid or air-gapped networks

  • Adapts to existing infrastructure with no change management

  • Addresses M&A efficiently

Intuitive User Experience

  • Consistent user experience

  • MFA and SSO, including to legacy applications

  • Superior connection speed

  • Frictionless adoption

Enhanced Safety and Security

  • Make applications and networks invisible to the internet

  • Full control and visibility post-connection, plus detailed audit trail

  • MFA and SSO to all application

  • No data stored in the cloud

Start Your Journey By Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets From Your Riskiest Users

We empower organizations to reach their safety and security objectives by seamlessly implementing zero trust policies throughout every step of the journey.

Secure High Risk Users and Systems

Enable high risk users to securely connect to critical apps and systems without risk to the network.

Secure Remaining Remote Access Connections

Upgrade your VPN with ZTA to safely connect employees to Cloud, IaaS, and Data Centers.

Secure All Onsite Users and Systems

Execute comprehensive ZTA access across your entire workforce - both internal and external.

Valued By Our Customers

Case Study

Tata Chemicals provides secure remote access for employees, contractors, and vendors.

"We now are able to have secure remote access for employees, contractors, and vendors. And we know when they come into our networks, we know what they’re going to access. We can go back and review those sessions and determine if they’re doing what we authorized them to do. And so now we have the confidence that all those different groups are accessing when, where, and what we’ve really outlined in that agreement."

Mckay Smith, IT Manager, Tata Chemicals