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Secure Connectivity
for Business Agility

Cyolo securely connects onsite and remote users, to applications, servers, desktop and files on your local network and in the cloud.

Redefining Secure Connectivity

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“Cyolo enables our employees to securely access systems such as our CRM and Oracle and to access their office desktop from any PC or mobile device, without VPN or network access. This has a direct impact on our ability to be productive at all times and improve our business.”

- CISO, Financial Industry

“We deployed Cyolo's platform to ensure that our digital assets and users are protected. It allows our local and remote users to securely access sensitive applications and data on the network and in the cloud. With Cyolo our employees have the flexibility to work from home, just as securely as they would in the office without an increase of effort on our security organization.”

- Konstantin Vilk, CISSP, CRISC
Portola Partners

Secure Access to Support Your Business

Controlled Access

Protect your assets with full visibility and control over users’ access and actions in:

  • Sensitive applications on-prem/cloud
  • Mission-critical environments

Ensure secure business continuity with controlled access for DevOps, developers, administrators and privileged users.

Compliance Readiness

Ensure better privacy and compliance readiness

  • End-to-end encryption of the entire traffic
  • Users’ traffic and information is never exposed

Legacy applications and systems compliance

  • Encrypted traffic
  • Multi factor and biometric authentication

Secure Remote Access

Connect remote users to applications, desktops, servers and files, over the Internet – VPN and network free

  • Enable device/multi factor/biometric authentication
  • Supervised access and actions, for sensitive roles and areas
  • Prevent of risky actions such as file transfer and copy-paste

Third Party Collaboration & M&A

Facilitate cross organizational connectivity by securely connecting users to shared applications

  • Avoid costly infrastructure projects
  • No network integration or trust relationship between users’ directories required
  • Reduce risk to your information assets

Risk Based Access

Balance security and user experience with dynamic risk-based access

  • Get AI powered policy suggestions and self-calibrating actionable insights
  • Enhance security posture and optimize operational overhead
  • Visualize users’ risk profiles and set a risk-based policy
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Latest News

Cyolo raises $4.2 Million to provide boundless secure business connectivity

Cyolo introduces a new concept of a secure business connection that is not network bound.” Says Almog Apirion, Cyolo’s co-founder and CEO. “We are excited and grateful for the opportunity to carry out our vision to enable local and mobile users to securely access the tools and data they need in an organization’s network, cloud or IoT environments, regardless of where they are and what device they are using."

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