We address the unique challenges of industries to protect them from cyberattacks

Every industry is at risk for an attempted data breach or ransomware attack. Because we understand your industry’s unique data vulnerabilities, we can help you secure your critical infrastructure, PHI, or PII through our easy-to-implement zero trust access solution.


Providing Advanced Secure Remote Access for These Key Sectors

While our solution can serve companies in any industry, we specialize in sectors that face the toughest challenging securing critical assets.


An OT breach in manufacturing can mean production downtime, financial loss, and risk to life. Cyolo lets you bring modern identity-based security to even air-gapped environments and legacy equipment, making it a popular zero trust access choice for the manufacturing industry.


Keeping the energy sector secure is key to keeping our communities running. Cyolo enables energy companies to provide safe access to sensitive applications and equipment, while allowing for easy implementation with minimal-to-no impact on employee workflows and business operations.

Oil & Gas

In 2021, hackers breached a major oil pipeline in the United States, causing a days-long shutdown and leading the government to declare a state of emergency. How did the breach occur? Through an exposed password for a VPN account. With Cyolo’s zero trust access solution, you can minimize attack surface through secure identity-based access controls that allow you to authorize, monitor, and revoke user access in real time — and more.


A data breach for a company in the insurance industry can mean significant financial losses, reputational damage, and legal liabilities. With Cyolo’s easy-to-implement zero trust access solution, you can immediately improve your security posture. And with the ability to monitor and record user sessions, you can comply with strict regulatory requirements.

Banking & Financial Services

In 2022, leaks of consumer records in the financial services industry reached more than 254 million globally. And in the U.S. alone, 79 financial institutions reported breaches affecting more than 1,000 customers. Yet securing data in the banking and financial services industries is critical to ensuring consumer trust and supporting the continuity of today’s interconnected economy. With Cyolo’s zero trust access solution, you can keep company and consumer data secure.

Life Sciences & Pharma

The global pharmaceutical industry alone was estimated at $1.48 trillion in 2022 — a valuation that makes it a major target for cybercriminals. Each step in the life sciences & pharma industry, from discovery to manufacturing, must be secured. Cyolo’s identity-based access solution empowers you to enforce zero-trust policies to keep your data safe throughout the entire research-to-production process.