The Winning Formula for Secure Access in the Pharma and Life Sciences Industry

Identity-Based Access for the Real World

In the dynamic landscape of Pharma and Life Sciences, the need to securely access sensitive applications, devices, and data is critical. Unfortunately, traditional methods of securing access often fall short in the face of industry-specific challenges that include stringent regulatory compliance mandates, intellectual property protection, and the increasingly distributed nature of modern business operations. This is where Cyolo’s identity-based secure access solution emerges as a transformative force, reshaping how access and connectivity are achieved in the industry. 

Ensuring compliance while maintaining efficient workflows can be a daunting task. The Cyolo solution, which grants pinpoint access to the specific applications needed by each user—and never to the entire network—enables organizations to meet compliance requirements without compromising security or productivity. Centralized access controls, logs, and sessions records allow auditors to easily validate compliance, and sensitive data remains protected from unauthorized access. 

Pharma and Life Sciences companies are subject to an array of stringent data security regulations, including:


  • GDPR

  • ISO 27001

  • 21 CFR Part 11

With zero-trust access, the Pharma and Life Sciences companies can reduce the risk of data breaches and other damaging cyberattacks, prevent unauthorized access, and exert greater control over who has access to sensitive data. 

How Cyolo Helps

Safeguarding Intellectual Property

Intellectual property theft poses a significant threat to an industry in which research, clinical trials, and proprietary data are the lifeblood of progress. To provide the strongest possible security, the Cyolo platform unifies identity-based zero-trust access with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and identity provider (IdP) capabilities. This consolidation not only streamlines access management but also reduces the attack surface for bad actors and thwarts unauthorized entry. With Cyolo, intellectual property is protected from external threats and all internal access is subject to stringent controls.  

Enabling Remote Collaboration

The shift to remote and hybrid work revealed the burgeoning demand for tools that enable secure, seamless collaboration. Cyolo’s solution, born from the urgent need to securely access all resources from everywhere people work, caters perfectly to this challenge. Onboarding users and applications is simple and fast, and the platform’s ability to integrate with any application, infrastructure or network ensures that remote teams can securely access critical tools and infrastructure. Cyolo empowers distributed teams to collaborate efficiently while upholding robust security protocols. 

Securing Third-Party Access to Critical Infrastructure

Providing seamless yet controlled remote access to operational technology (OT) and critical infrastructure is paramount in Pharma and Life Sciences. With its identity-based access and oversight controls, Cyolo ensures that all authorized personnel—including third-party vendors, contractors, and technicians—can securely connect to manufacturing systems and other sensitive environments from remote locations without expanding the organizational attack surface or increasing risk exposure. Enforcing zero-trust access for third parties enhances operational efficiency, minimizes downtime, and reinforces compliance measures, all while promoting productivity and collaboration.  

Enhancing Research Efficiency

The industry’s rapid pace demands streamlined processes. The Cyolo solution augments research efficiency by eliminating the friction of complex access and authentication procedures. Cyolo’s identity-based approach allows researchers to access needed applications swiftly, without network-based barriers. This not only accelerates research but also simplifies the onboarding of new team members, ensuring they have proper access from day one. 

Maximizing ROI on Security Investments

Due to the wide range of cyber threats targeting Pharma and Life Sciences organizations, the industry invests significantly in an array of diverse security tools—and of course looks to achieve the maximum ROI from each of them. The Cyolo secure access solution not only integrates seamlessly with existing security infrastructure but actually boosts the effectiveness of the entire security stack. This consolidation reduces operational costs, minimizes training requirements, and optimizes security posture by centralizing controls.

Zero Trust, Zero Disruptions

Designed around the principles of zero trust security, the Cyolo solution stands as an indispensable asset for the Pharma and Life Sciences industry, addressing its unique challenges with an innovative approach. By merging secure access and connectivity tools, simplifying compliance management, protecting intellectual property, enabling remote collaboration, and enhancing research efficiency, Cyolo empowers organizations to navigate a complex landscape securely, efficiently, and in accordance with regulatory compliance. As the industry continues to evolve, Cyolo will remain a steadfast partner in securing access to the future of healthcare and scientific innovation.