Faster, Smarter, Better Secure Access to Everything

Deliver the perfect balance between securing and enabling the business. Safely connect, manage, monitor and revoke access to only the assets your employees and third-party users need to get the job done, all while delivering the ease of use that many wondered was even possible. Meet Cyolo Zero Trust Access.

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We empower companies around the globe to secure high-risk access scenarios

Through our easy-to-implement Zero Trust Access solution, we help you enhance access security.

Securing Your Connected OT Environment

An incident in your OT environment can cause enormous damage to your business. Our solution integrates within your existing infrastructure, including legacy applications and isolated environments, so you can provide safe, modern connectivity to your OT — without impeding operations.

Managing Third-Party Access

57% of organizations experienced a third-party security incident between 2021 - 2022. With identity-based access, just-in-time approval, and recorded session monitoring, you can safely connect third-party users.

Securely Connecting Users to the Cloud

Insufficient identity, credential, and access security is the number one cloud security risk, especially while migrating employee access during an M&A. Cyolo helps you connect users to the cloud without compromising security.

Case Study

How a Global Insurance Brokerage Achieved More Than $1.2 Million In Annual Savings While Securing Access For 2,500+ Users

“Working with the Cyolo team continues to prove that identity-based access based on a trust-less architecture will bring our security posture and user experience to the next level. With our attack surface shrinking, and a projected $1.2 million in annual cost-savings, we’re moving full speed ahead with acquisitions and growth with secure identity-based access and connectivity."

Jason Ozin, Group Information Security Officer, PIB Group


Founded by a former CISO and two ethical hackers, we’re solving one of the most critical challenges in cybersecurity.

A growing global workforce also means growing cybersecurity threats. Our founders set out to solve one of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity: user access vulnerabilities. The result? A true ZTA solution that provides secure access based on validated ID.

Since 2019, we’ve quickly grown to become a leader in the industry, with recognition as one of the best startups by the 2023 Cybersecurity Awards.

3 Stages to Implementing Universal Zero Trust Access

With Cyolo, we make it easy for enterprise-level companies to implement zero trust policies through each stage of the process.

Secure High Risk Users and Systems

Enable high risk users to securely connect to critical apps and systems without risk to the network.

Secure Remaining Remote Access Connections

Upgrade your VPN with ZTA to safely connect employees to Cloud, IaaS, and Data Centers.

Secure All Onsite Users and Systems

Execute comprehensive ZTA access across your entire workforce — both internal and external.