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Cyolo PRO: A Hybrid Remote Privileged Access Solution for OT Environments

Let’s Simplify Remote Privileged Access Together

To defend against escalating cyberthreats, prevent costly disruptions, and meet compliance mandates, industrial organizations must modernize their cybersecurity protocols and practices. At the same time, these organizations are increasingly required to enable remote access to previously isolated operational technology (OT) environments. The benefits of remote connectivity are substantial, but widening exposure leaves Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and OT assets vulnerable just as attacks are rising.

Cyolo PRO (Privileged Remote Operations) is an advanced, infrastructure-agnostic solution set to redefine Secure Remote Access by shifting the outcome from managing access to managing operations. This innovative product goes above and beyond the core principles of Remote Privileged Access Management (RPAM), putting it in a class of its own among security and access tools.

Key Remote Privileged Access Use Cases

Facilitate Secure Third-Party Access: Safely connect third parties to your OT environments for enhanced productivity.

Provide OEM Access for Fast, Secure Support: Ensure rapid, secure, and safe support and maintenance for your factory floor and OT environments.

Manage Critical and Risky Access: Secure all access points to your mission-critical assets, whether on-premises or remote.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance: Implement segmentation, supervision, and other requirements of industry and regional compliance mandates.

Multiple Needs, 3 Security Layers , 1 Unified Solution

The Innovation That Makes the Difference

Cloud-Routed, Not Cloud-Hosted

Cyolo PRO's decentralized architecture offers exceptional flexibility, seamlessly adapting to your environment - whether cloud, cloud-averse, and isolated. By keeping all data, secrets, and encryption keys inside your trusted boundaries rather than hosting them in the cloud, Cyolo provides true zero-trust security, while ensuring operational uptime and reducing latency.

Cyolo PRO Benefits


  • Keep your data inside your trust boundary

  • Granular identity-based controls & supervision

  • Full activity/audit trails


  • Deploy on-prem, cloud & hybrid—simultaneously

  • Extend identity authentication and security to legacy applications

  • Centralized governance & site-based administration

Fast and Easy

  • Agentless deployment

  • Consolidated access controls with modularity

  • Low-latency/High-availability

"We’re able to provide seamless remote access to our systems to both internal users and external users. The management overhead of these remote access connections has been greatly reduced. The ease of use of the remote access has been increased for third-party individuals and our internal employees. The adoption rates of these secure remote access methods have gone up substantially since we implemented Cyolo."

- Gibson Mark, Senior Systems Administrator, Tata Chemicals

About Cyolo

Cyolo is a leading cybersecurity innovator dedicated to providing cutting-edge access solutions. With a focus on security, operational agility, and user experience, Cyolo is fostering a transition from merely enabling access to empowering operations, productivity, and compliance. To learn more, visit

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