Enhancing Safety and Security in Hybrid Enterprises

In an era marked by digital transformation and the emergence of the hybrid enterprise, establishing robust safety and security measures has never been more critical. Hybrid enterprises, or those operating some combination of cloud-connected, cloud-adverse, and offline systems, must navigate a complex digital landscape while also ensuring the security of their data and networks.

The Cyolo secure access solution, founded on the principles of zero trust, is a revolutionizing technology purpose-built for deployment in every type of environment. Cyolo not only makes applications and networks invisible to the internet but also provides a detailed audit trail, allows full control and visibility post-connection, enables multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities (including for legacy and offline applications), and demonstrates true zero trust by keeping data out of the cloud.

Making Applications and Networks Invisible to the Network

The Cyolo secure access solution takes a proactive approach to security by making applications and networks invisible to the internet. This reduces the organizational attack surface, shielding critical assets from potential threats. It also adds an extra layer of defense against cyberattacks by ensuring that unauthorized identities cannot access sensitive resources.

Detailed Audit Trail + Full Control and Visibility Post-Connection 

Visibility and control are of the utmost importance in security management. To guarantee visibility, Cyolo provides a detailed audit trail of all user activities, offering insights into who accessed what resources, when, and from where. Cyolo also empowers organizations with granular control over application access. Whereas many other solutions only secure the initial point of access, Cyolo provides full visibility and control even after the user is authorized and connected. Administrators can not only monitor user activity in real time but can also make adjustments and even terminate sessions if unusual or anomalous behavior is detected. This level of control helps keep security policies robust and adaptive.

MFA and SSO to All Applications 

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities are integral to any modern security strategy. The Cyolo solution seamlessly integrates MFA and SSO, ensuring that all users and devices are authorized via strong authentication before access is granted. For applications that do not natively support modern identity protocols, such as most legacy and offline systems, Cyolo overlays MFO and SSO capabilities with no infrastructure changes needed. Only Cyolo brings multi-layer identity verification and convenient SSO access to all applications, whether they are in the cloud, on-premises, or offline.

No Data Stored in the Cloud

Data privacy and sovereignty are of paramount concern to modern enterprises across all industries. Recognizing this, Cyolo designed the architecture of its secure access solution in a way that ensures no data is ever stored in its cloud. Cyolo’s commitment to data protection means that sensitive information remains fully within the client’s control at all times, reducing the risk of exposure through data breaches or third-party attacks and preventing compliance violations associated with cloud storage. Furthermore, Cyolo does not decrypt and re-encrypt in the cloud and therefore has no need to hold a copy of any keys. As with data, all keys stay with the client. Even if Cyolo were to be hacked, there would be no client passwords, encryption keys, or other sensitive data to be stolen. Cyolo is the only solution on the market that fully adheres to the zero trust model. 


The Cyolo secure access solution represents a breakthrough in the quest for safety and security in hybrid enterprise environments. By making applications and networks invisible to the internet, providing a detailed audit trail, enabling full control and visibility post-connection, offering MFA and SSO to all applications, and keeping keys and data out of the cloud, Cyolo empowers organizations to safeguard their critical assets in an increasingly complex digital landscape.