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How Cyolo Helps You Achieve Compliance: TSA SD2021-02C

In July 2022, the United States implemented Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Directive SD2021-02C. This directive was specifically designed for owners and operators of hazardous liquid pipelines, natural gas pipelines, and liquefied natural gas facilities that have been deemed critical by the TSA. The directive aims to ensure the security of these facilities by mandating compliance with a range of security controls aimed at avoiding any potential disruptions or degradation to the infrastructure. These controls include:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Network Segmentation

  • Network Monitoring

  • Traffic Filtering

Let Cyolo Help You Achieve TSA SD2021-02C Compliance

Purpose-built for use in operational technology (OT) environments, Cyolo is a comprehensive solution designed to assist organizations in meeting stringent security and compliance requirements while also addressing the practical challenges posed by the oil and gas environment. These challenges, such as the deployment of technology in remote and harsh locations where computational infrastructure may be non-existent and bandwidth is limited, can be effectively overcome with the Cyolo zero-trust access solution.

Cyolo was created to give users access to the resources they need while maintaining the zero-trust model. It is built to support the real world, enabling companies to protect their entire network and all critical infrastructure. With Cyolo, you can securely access the resources you need to get your work done, while keeping your network and data safe.

Figure 1. Cyolo Zero-Trust Access controls that support compliance with TSA SD2021-02C

Cyolo Alignment with TSA SD2021-02C

Provides: Provides information to give directly to auditor or feeds data into an artifact

Validates: Can be used to prove whether another control(s) is present and/or working

Supports: Feeds information into another system or processes which serve the requirements

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