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PrOTecting Oil and Gas from Cyber Threats with Zero-Trust Access

The oil and gas industry is a prime target for cyberattackers looking to disrupt critical infrastructure, sow chaos, and achieve financial gain. Now that many oil and gas providers are extending remote connections to highly sensitive systems, it is even more challenging to protect these vital assets. This is where Cyolo's identity-based secure access solution comes in, helping to ensure that organizations remain both safe and secure while enabling remote access to critical systems.

Once seen as relevant only for the world of information technology (IT), the zero-trust security model is becoming increasingly important in industries such as oil and gas, where cyberattacks pose a significant and growing threat to critical infrastructure and valuable data.

The zero-trust framework requires authentication and continuous authorization for every device, user, application, and location. This approach provides a granular level of control and visibility over access to sensitive assets, reducing the risk of cyberattacks such as ransomware and other types of malicious activity. By adopting the Cyolo solution, organizations in the oil and gas industry can ensure that only authorized users have access to critical systems, limiting their exposure to both internal and external threats.

How Cyolo Helps

One of the most significant advantages of the Cyolo secure access solution is its ability to enable secure access for employees, contractors, and partners, regardless of their location or device used. This is particularly important for oil and gas companies, which often have geographically dispersed teams and partners. With Cyolo, authorized users can safely connect to sensitive resources, substantially lowering the risk of potential threats. Additionally, this approach enables rapid onboarding for external vendors and third-party contractors, reducing the existing complexity of access provisioning.

Cyolo helps Tata Chemicals streamline secure remote access for internal and external users.

Cyolo secures high-risk Operational Technology (OT) systems by providing a more granular level of control and visibility over access to these systems. Administrators can create small, isolated segments within their networks, with access granted only to authorized users. This is crucial for managing and monitoring OT systems and critical infrastructure in the remote or hazardous locations common to oil and gas companies. The Cyolo solution also includes advanced analytics and monitoring capabilities, such as supervised sessions and recording, which provide real-time insights into user and device behavior to quickly identify and respond to potential configuration errors, unusual activity or security incidents.

By implementing the Cyolo solution, companies in the oil and gas industry can demonstrate a strong commitment to protecting their assets and complying with regulatory requirements related to data security and privacy. It also helps companies comply with industry standards such as the American Petroleum Institute (API) cybersecurity framework, ISA/IEC 62443, TSA SD2021-02C, NERC-CIP, and FERC guidance.


The Cyolo secure access solution is ideal for oil and gas companies seeking to better protect their critical infrastructure and valuable data from cyberattacks. With Cyolo as a trusted partner, organizations can ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive assets, quickly enable secure access for every user type, and maintain compliance with regulations and industry standards. The granular level of control and visibility over access to sensitive resources provided by the Cyolo solution significantly reduces the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches, making it a must-have for forward-looking organizations in the oil and gas industry.

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