Empowering the Energy and Utilities Industry: Secure Access for the Digital Age

Identity-Based Access for the Real World

In today’s rapidly shifting cyber threat landscape, the Energy and Utilities industry is in vital need of reliable solutions that ensure secure access and connectivity to critical infrastructure, sensitive data, and remote assets. At the same time, the industry is grappling with distinctive challenges that stem from the interconnected nature of operations, increasingly distributed work models, and growing regulatory compliance demands.

The Purdue Model establishes clear boundaries between different system levels in order to help uphold robust security and safeguard the critical processes taking place inside operational technology (OT) environments. However, recent cyberattacks make clear that additional security measures are urgently needed.

Designed to complement and fortify the Purdue Model, Cyolo’s identity-based secure access platform is a game-changing solution poised to revolutionize access and connectivity for Energy and Utilities companies.

The integration of Cyolo's secure access solution with the Purdue Model empowers Energy and Utilities companies to achieve a comprehensive security framework that combines a structured system architecture with advanced access controls. This collaboration enhances the overall security posture of their working environments, effectively defending against evolving cyber threats and ensuring the uninterrupted operation of critical processes.

How Cyolo Integrates with the Purdue Model

With Cyolo, Energy and Utilities companies gain stronger access controls, more diverse connectivity options, and greater oversight capabilities. Whether users are connecting remotely or from isolated, low-connectivity, or air-gapped environments, Cyolo ensures secure access for all scenarios.

Top Benefits of Integrating Identity-Based Access with the Purdue Model

Enhanced Access Control: Specific user identities, roles, and permissions enforce fine-grained access control over different levels of manufacturing systems.

Improved Authentication and Authorization: Identity-based authentication ensures access is granted or denied based on real-time risk assessments.

Secure Remote Access: Secure authentication protocols provide centralized access to the manufacturing environment while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of data and systems.

How Cyolo Helps

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Organizations in the Energy and Utilities sector oversee a vast array of critical systems, including power plants, substations, and distribution networks. Ensuring the operational safety and security of these systems and their operators is the industry’s highest priority.  

Cyolo facilitates secure access to critical infrastructure and other sensitive assets by extending application-level access to employees, partners, and third-party vendors according to identity-based parameters rather than more easily-spoofed network-based attributes. This approach drastically reduces the potential attack surface and also limits the damage bad actors can cause should they manage to breach the system. In addition, Cyolo unifies and centralizes access control, thwarting unauthorized entry attempts and ensuring the continuity and resilience of critical operations. 

Enabling Regulatory Compliance

The Energy and Utilities industry is subject to stringent regulations that demand rigorous security measures. The Cyolo secure access platform streamlines compliance readiness and management by providing comprehensive visibility and control over access to sensitive assets. Full audit logs and session recordings make it easy for auditors to verify compliance adherence and allow energy providers to maintain the integrity of their data and operations. 

Facilitating Remote Access Management

The expansive operational footprint of Energy and Utilities companies often necessitates remote management of assets in diverse locations. The Cyolo solution, born from the urgent need to ensure secure remote access at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, caters perfectly to this challenge. In adherence to the zero-trust security framework, Cyolo grants application-level access according to identity-based factors and never extends access to the full network. With Cyolo, remote teams can access critical systems securely, enabling efficient and safe asset monitoring, maintenance and management from any authorized identity from anywhere in the world. 

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

The Energy and Utilities industry thrives on efficiency. The Cyolo solution is designed to optimize operational efficiency by eliminating the complexities of network-based access controls. Cyolo’s identity-centric approach offers authorized personnel swift, seamless access to the tools and systems they require without delays or complicated interfaces. Critical infrastructure managers can onboard news users and applications quickly and easily, streamlining workflows, reducing downtime, and driving productivity gains. 

Maximizing ROI on Security Investments

Due to the wide range of cyber threats targeting Energy and Utilities companies, the industry invests significantly in an array of diverse security tools—and of course looks to achieve the maximum ROI from each of them. The Cyolo secure access platform not only integrates seamlessly with existing security infrastructure but actually boosts the effectiveness of the entire security stack. This consolidation reduces operational costs, minimizes training requirements, and optimizes security posture by centralizing controls.  

Zero Trust, Zero Disruptions

The Cyolo solution is poised to redefine secure access and connectivity paradigms within the Energy and Utilities industry. By safeguarding critical infrastructure, enabling secure remote access for third-party vendors and contractors, enhancing operational efficiency, and optimizing security investments, Cyolo empowers the sector to navigate a complex landscape securely, efficiently, and in accordance with regulatory compliance. As the industry continues to evolve, Cyolo will remain a strategic partner, helping to power the progress of energy and utilities worldwide.