Jun 22, 2023
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Announcing Cyolo 4.2: Improving the User Experience

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Samuel Hill

At Cyolo, we strive to be highly responsive to what our customers want and need. We are fortunate to have some incredible super users who continuously push our product development forward. It is an honor to share our vision of Zero Trust Access with them and to incorporate their feedback as we continuously work to improve the Cyolo solution and to enable our customers to securely connect to the resources they need.

Two themes continuously appear when our team thinks about product enhancements: 

  • Improve the end-user experience 

  • Make life easier for the administrator 

Simplicity is Always the Goal

The best security tools are easy for people to use and do not disrupt their existing routines. As Cyolo co-founder and CEO, Almog Apirion, is known to say, “Never underestimate the creativity of good employees who just want to get their work done.” Too often, this creativity gets channeled into circumventing security restrictions. But, if security solutions are simple, seamless, and do not require end users to jump through hoops, they will be much more likely to follow best practices — and find an outlet for their creativity that does not put the company's security posture at risk.

Similarly, administrators already have endless to-do lists and do not need complicated tools that require a huge amount of effort to keep up with. 

Feature Highlights

This ease of use for both end users and admins is exactly what Cyolo 4.2 seeks to deliver. Highlights from this release include:

  • Export Logs to S3 Buckets: A common request is to integrate the Cyolo logs with other key security tools in a customer's architecture. To streamline such integration, Cyolo 4.2 supports bulk export of the robust details in our logs to AWS S3 buckets (in addition to the existing Syslog server options). It is now easier to ingest the Cyolo log data from any other security tool, simply by pointing it to the correct S3 bucket. Now any security tool can be augmented with the rich data from the Cyolo logs. 

  • Native App SSH Tunneling: Some native applications require more complex workflows to connect to, sometimes requiring the installation of the Cyolo Connect Agent. With Cyolo 4.2, connecting to these ‘thick client’ applications is streamlined by encapsulating the traffic inside an SSH tunnel. No client is needed, and the end user can use whatever terminal interface they prefer. 

  • Easier File Transfer Set-Up: End users frequently need to collaborate and share information, and there are very valid reasons to allow file transfers. However, securely enabling the locations of file sharing can be complicated for administrators. In Cyolo 4.2, the addition of wildcard fields makes configuring file transfer locations much easier. Now, the administrator can bulk configure the settings and allow the end-user to select specific locations to execute the file transfer. 

  • BONUS – Enabling Terms of Service: Most companies have specific terms of service that their end users must abide by to access their networks and systems. With Cyolo 4.2, these terms of service can be presented for acceptance as users are connecting. 

As more improvements and future updates come to the Cyolo platform, the focus will remain on improving the experience for both end users and administrators. We look forward to continuing to push the envelope alongside our super user customers and to evolving the platform to solve even more of the most difficult challenges that plague cybersecurity teams. 

To learn more about the latest updates and improvements to the Cyolo platform, read the complete Cyolo 4.2 release notes or watch the short webinar, Introducing Cyolo 4.2. To upgrade to version 4.2, please contact your Cyolo Customer Success Manager. 

If you aren't yet a Cyolo customer, register for a demo now and discover all the benefits our our zero-trust access platform can bring your organization.

Samuel Hill


Samuel is the Director of Product Marketing at Cyolo. Before cybersecurity, he spent 7 years working in the ER and loves to tell stories. He is the husband to one, father to four, lives in Bozeman, MT, and would rather be outside. He holds an M.A. in Strategic Leadership from Life Pacific University.

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