Jan 23, 2024
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Radiflow + Cyolo: Securing Everything from Snow Plows to Maritime Cyber Defenses

Back in 1964, Volkswagen created an award-winning marketing campaign by asking, “Have you ever wondered how the man who drives the snow plow drives TO the snow plow?” With a video set in the dead of winter showing piles of snow on the ground in the early morning darkness, their answer was that he drives a Volkswagen. This is considered one of the most influential ad campaigns ever!

Today, we ask the OT Security community, “Have you ever wondered how the people who created the threat detection system protect it against threats?”

Naturally, Radiflow protects its iSID Threat Detection System with an arsenal of defensive measures, conceived during system design, carefully implemented during development, and proven in numerous deployments. But now, we can even add another layer of access control with Cyolo, the access company for the digital enterprise. The Cyolo remote privileged access management (RPAM) platform provides zero-trust access and connectivity to every IT and OT environment.

A Joint Solution for Advanced Threat Detection and Zero Trust

In our joint solution, the Cyolo platform secures all connections to Radiflow's ICS cybersecurity solutions, ensuring that only authorized personnel may gain access to the security platforms. And it does a lot more than that, as you’ll discover in the case study below.

The Radiflow/Cyolo joint solution is highly flexible and can be deployed in any OT security scenario. Here is a one such successful case in the Maritime industry.

Making Maritime a Happy Time

Maritime operations are vital for global trade and transportation. Ensuring the security and integrity of maritime assets and data is crucial for safeguarding vessels, ports, and the supply chain.

An international shipping company operating a fleet of container vessels and cargo ships must:

  • Secure onboard systems and communications

  • Manage access to systems by crew and other onboard personnel and systems

  • Also manage access to onboard systems from remote locations such as at-sea oil rigs, other vessels, ports, and headquarters

  • Detect and respond to cyber threats in real time

  • Ensure compliance with the growing body of maritime security regulations

The joint solution that integrates the Radiflow iSID Threat Detection System with the Cyolo platform addresses all of the maritime operator’s challenges. Here are the highlights:

  • An onboard Radiflow iSID continuously monitors onboard network traffic and communication systems for anomalies and external threats

  • The Cyolo RPAM solution enforces secure connections to onboard Radiflow iSIDs

  • Upon detecting suspicious activities, iSID generates real-time alerts that allow users to send immediate ‘block’ commands to Cyolo to contain rogue connections

  • Unauthorized access attempts are promptly isolated, preventing potential breaches

  • Both Radiflow and Cyolo maintain detailed logs of all onboard activities and security events. The logs are used for incident response, post-incident analysis, and compliance reporting to meet maritime security regulations

The maritime operator enjoys continuous, secure operations across its fleet and operations.

Learn More About the Radiflow/Cyolo Joint Solution

We encourage OT operators in any industry that requires secure remote access to sites and systems in multiple geo-locations to find out more about the Radiflow/Cyolo joint solution. Please contact us today!

Yossi Tarnopolsky, Radiflow


Yossi Tarnopolsky is Director of Technology Alliances at Radiflow.

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