Zero Trust Security. Maximum Productivity.

Introducing the first real zero-trust solution, a safer architecture that allows organizations to securely connect all users to their working environments.

our vision

Secure Connectivity Based on Trusted ID

Our mission from the first day was clear: to create one unified platform that enables users to access all the organization’s applications, servers, desktops and files, securely and with ease.

We aim to help organizations stay agile, secure and productive – whatever the situation, wherever their users are located.

Management team

Almog Apirion
CEO, Co-founder

Dedi Yarkoni
CTO, Co-founder

Eran Shmuely
Chief Architect, Co-founder

Asa Kedar

Clare Avieli
VP Marketing

Hadas Hermon
Head of HR

Quinton King
VP Sales, US

Stephen Wadsworth
VP Sales, US/West

Our investors