Provide secure, modern connectivity to your OT environment without disrupting production systems

Cyolo’s Zero Trust Access solution integrates directly with your existing infrastructure, including legacy applications and air gapped environments, allowing you to provide secure, modern connectivity to your OT — without impeding operations.

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61% of intrusions impacted OT environments

An incident in your OT environment can cause enormous damage — to your business, to your employees, and to the environment. It can mean production downtime and significant revenue loss. At its worst, it can mean risk to life and risk to the environment. But legacy applications with no modern security capabilities and air gapped environments without connection to popular cloud security tools can make providing secure, authenticated user access a challenge. That’s where Cyolo’s agnostic, zero trust access solution comes in.

Here’s how Cyolo provides secure access to your OT environment

Secure outdated and legacy applications

We bring modern identity security, like MFA, to critical legacy and outdated applications. Our solution secures even isolated or offline networks.

Monitor and control all user access

Our identity-based access architecture delivers full user visibility — even for applications that offer only one account used by multiple employees. Grant and revoke real-time access to employees and third-party users, like contractors. And with access to activity logs and the ability to record sessions, you can maintain compliance to even the strictest regulatory mandates.

Implement quickly and without disruption to your production operations

When it comes to implementing industrial secure remote access solutions in the OT environment, there can be pushback at the plant-level about altering production systems and workflows. We built a solution with this in mind. Cyolo’s software lives within your own environment and can be installed in less than 10 minutes via Docker.

Keep all sensitive data within your environment

Our technology provides end-to-end encryption. No data stored by Cyolo. Ever. All sensitive data remains secure within your own environment. Other secure remote access solutions can’t say the same.

Case Study

How Repac Energy Secured Their OT in Just One Day

A leading power plant operator, Rapac Energy was looking to securely provide access to their OT and SCADA systems to external suppliers, global support teams, and customers.

The new solution needed multiple security features that comply with stringent requirements, both regulatory and directed by Rapac Energy’s CISO. Rapac Energy’s network is isolated and disconnected from the public internet. But employees still need to connect with external global support teams and customers.

Repac Energy chose Cyolo because it offers a simple, unified solution. The entire Cyolo implementation process, including systems training, took only one day — the shortest implementation Rapac Energy had ever experienced.

What does your OT risk level look like?

See how your current OT access policies could be putting your sensitive systems at risk.