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Cyolo Launches New Vault Feature to End Password Breaches

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — October 20, 2021 Cyolo, the developer of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) 2.0, announced today the rollout of its new identity-centric Vault feature. The Vault creates one primary identity for users and internally saves all other passwords, thereby integrating multiple accounts into a single trusted user identity. Identity protection is at the heart of any zero-trust architecture, and the Vault provides the best of identity-based management and control. The Vault holds passwords locally inside the customer environment, eliminating the vulnerabilities present in a centralized cloud, and extends full visibility and traceability across complex environments.  

It’s well documented that many data breaches are the result of poor password management and ineffective authentication practices. More than 80% of security breaches in the enterprise take place due to weak or reused passwords, according to Gartner research. Furthermore, the cost of cybercrime is estimated to reach $6 trillion annually by the end of this year. Well-intentioned but overly complicated password policies have the unintended consequence of causing confusion for users and chaos for administrators.  

The Vault is designed to solve these pain points with its user identity controls, authentication capabilities and ability to support complex passwords. It also provides single sign-on (SSO) to all applications to give users a simple and frictionless experience. 

“With zero trust solutions, it's all about verifying user identities. Identities are the basic building block of the Zero Trust model and the new key to securing critical assets. Organizations simply cannot afford weak authentication due to lack of MFA or bad password practices," said Almog Apirion, co-founder and CEO of Cyolo. "With the Vault, we store your passwords securely within your own environment so that even our team can't access them. This critical extension to our solution is an exciting next step in our company’s evolution and brings unprecedented security to what is already the only truly zero trust solution.” 

Cyolo’s Vault-extended solution creates comprehensive identity protection in which passwords are never exposed. The Vault also greatly improves security by adding MFA-capabilities to systems and applications that are not MFA-ready and allowing passwordless access through direct integration with Cyolo’s SSO functionality.  

Cyolo offers the first true Zero Trust solution covering both IT and Operational Technology (OT), with a solution that has no access or visibility into a customer’s data and does not compromise an organization’s sensitive secrets. The solution is fully adaptive and can work with any existing identity infrastructure, whether online or offline, on-cloud, on-prem or hybrid.  

About Cyolo

Cyolo's proprietary Zero Effort approach embraces Zero Trust connectivity, unifies the simplicity and agility of cloud native solutions, on-prem, or as a hybrid, while never storing sensitive information. Cyolo fits with any industry and vertical to provide businesses with access to critical applications and reduce their operational security costs. Cyolo has created the Next Generation Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA 2.0), a unified solution which allows IT and security teams to easily implement Zero Trust connectivity and create their own distributed cloud with literally no infrastructure change.Cyolo is a 'zero trust, zero effort' cyber security company built for the workforce of today, keeping users securely connected no matter where they are. Learn more at

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