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Cyolo Presenting at ManuSec Europe, Focused on Secure Access for Critical Manufacturing

The company will host a session how to improve the security of OT environments without disruptive and costly infrastructure transformations.   

Mountain View, Calif. —Feb. 21, 2024 –  Cyolo, the access company for the digital enterprise, will participate at ManuSec Europe (Feb. 27-28, H4 Munich Messe, Germany). The Cyolo team will be on-site to discuss how manufacturing organization can overcome current challenges in today's security and risk landscape, including how to ensure secure access to OT environments and critical infrastructure.

ManuSec Europe brings together top IT & OT security professionals from across Europe’s biggest manufacturers – tasked with protecting their organizations from the biggest cyber threats. During the event, Cyolo will share valuable insights following the Feb. 21st release of a new OT security report, which found that just 55% of industrial organizations are effectively mitigating risks and security threats to the OT environment.  

OT systems were historically kept isolated for security purposes. However, they are now increasingly connected, and this new reality brings about difficulties controlling access and reducing risks. Joe O’Donnell, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and General Manager OT at Cyolo, will deliver a presentation on one challenge that is too often ignored when planning a security project – the cost of change in OT environments.

To overcome the cost of change, security solutions must meet organizations where they are and not require extensive infrastructure changes that may disrupt operations or jeopardize safety. Through an exploration of real-world examples, participants will gain a nuanced understanding of the broader implications of the cost of change, beyond traditional financial constraints. This session aims to equip security professionals, project managers, and decision-makers with actionable strategies to more effectively calculate the true cost of change and help ensure the success of their future security endeavors. 

Visit the Cyolo team at booth #5 and join Joe O’Donnell for his speaking session, “Don’t Let the Cost of Change Derail Your Next Security Project” on Tuesday, Feb. 27th at 14:40. 

To gain further insights on the state of OT security, download the new research report from Cyolo and Ponemon Institute, “Managing Access & Risk in the Increasingly Connected Operational Technology (OT) Environment,” and join the joint webinar on March 12.

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About Cyolo  

Cyolo enables privileged remote operations by connecting verified identities directly to applications with continuous authorization throughout the connection. Purpose-built for deployment in every type of environment, Cyolo’s Remote Privileged Access Management (RPAM) solution combines multiple security functions required to mitigate high risk access, including zero-trust access for users and devices, MFA for the last mile, IdP capabilities, credentials vault, secure file transfer, supervised access, session recording, and much more into a single, cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, and user-friendly platform.  

Consolidate your security stack and experience the power of seamless and secure operations across any application in any environment, from critical infrastructure to cloud. Visit to learn more.

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