Secure business connection
that is not network bound

Cyolo’s Zero Trust Access solution securely connects onsite and remote users to authorized assets, in the organizational network, cloud or IoT environments and even offline networks.

user and computer
cyolo access from everywhere to anywhere

Cyolo ensures secure access to applications, resources, workstations, servers and files, regardless of the device used and without granting risky network access to information assets.

Connecting any User to any System,
on any Network and Platform


Network and platform agnostic

Secure access

Secure access to sensitive areas and assets

rich client

Support for rich client applications​

File transfer

File transfer inspection for malware and data leakage

easy deployment

Easy deployment, management​ & scaling


Visibility and Control

Cyolo’s platform is designed to ensure visibility and control, and to minimize the attack surface and prevent malicious access. Providing narrow access and service segmentation ensures that access is granted to the authorized asset and not to the network itself.

  • Granular policies based on: User ID, Device ID, Application, Time and action, User & device location
  • Real-time supervised access and actions
  • Policy-based multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Policy decisions based on risk factors
  • Secure access and action control for advanced and legacy applications

Dynamic Risk-Based Access

Cyolo’s technology enables organizations to ensure security without compromising business needs and user experience, using dynamic risk-based access, to reduce the risk of unauthorized access and optimize mitigation.

  • AI powered policy suggestions
  • Self-calibrating actionable insights
  • Visualized users’ risk profiles
dynamic access
easy depoyment

Easy Deployment and Scale

Cyolo’s Zero Trust platform is built for easy deployment and to facilitate scale with minimal effort, supporting various business needs, growth and expansion.

  • Straightforward on-boarding
  • No special skills requirements
  • Built-in management processes
  • Emphasis on user experience

Optimize security, reduce risk, facilitate
business operations

Ensure business

Ensure business continuity with controlled access and secure remote access for internal and external users

Securely connect

Improve compliance readiness with end-to-end encryption of the entire traffic.

Secure access

Provide secure access to any application, including legacy systems, regardless of network environment and without affecting user experience

Facilitate cross

Facilitate cross organizational connectivity during collaboration and M&A projects

Secure access

Use reliable VPN alternatives to securely connect employees and 3rd parties over the Internet – VPN and network free

Optimize management

Optimize management with easy deployment and scaling abilities