Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award for Secure Remote Access to OT Environments

If you're looking for a universal zero trust access solution that provides secure, identity-based access for on-premises, remote, and third-party users, this Frost & Sullivan report is a must-read.

Today's hackers do not break in. Instead, they log in with stolen but legitimate credentials.

In this new reality, traditional secure access solutions are proving ineffective. These tools, which include virtual private networks (VPNs), are prone to vulnerabilities, cannot provide application-specific access, and often require a cloud connection — which limits their use in many operational technology (OT) environments.

"Amid this scenario... Cyolo offers a universal zero trust access (ZTA) solution that empowers organizations and their security leaders with controls to provide secure, identity-based asset access (access based on validated ID) to on-premises, remote, and third-party users."

Read the complete Frost & Sullivan report to learn:

  • What crucial capabilities are missing from many commonly used secure remote access tools

  • How identity-based access reduces the risk of attackers' gaining network access via stolen credentials

  • What differentiates Cyolo zero trust access from other solutions on the market

  • Why Frost & Sullivan recently presented Cyolo with the 2023 Best Practices New Product Innovation Award in the North American secure remote access market for OT environments