KuppingerCole White Paper: Zero Trust Network Access for OT Environments

Interested in learning about the cyber threat landscape facing industrial enterprises as well as the security tools and architectures you need to best defend against these threats and meet regulatory compliance? This new white paper from KuppingerCole analyst John Tolbert has the answers.

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In a new white paper, KuppingerCole analyst John Tolbert explores the cybersecurity threat landscape facing operational technology (OT) and critical infrastructure. These systems have emerged as the latest front in the fight against cybercrime, and to mount a proper defense security leaders must recognize that IT security tools and strategies are not always applicable in OT environments. Similarly, industrial enterprises often are subject to strict regulatory requirements that mandate specific security controls.

"OT environments are often quite different from regular enterprise IT environments in terms of hardware and software deployed. However, both OT and IT need rigorous security measures such as strong and risk-adaptive authentication and policy-based access controls."

Read the complete paper now to learn:

  • How the OT threat landscape has changed in recent years and what types of cyber attack currently pose the greatest risk

  • Why security solutions designed for IT environments cannot always meet OT needs

  • Which eight major areas of functionality must be addressed by OT security architectures

  • How the German government is combatting threats against critical infrastructure with its recently enacted KRITIS regulations

  • How an Industrial Secure Remote Access solution that combines Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) capabilities is bringing access control to OT environments