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Secure Connectivity for Third-Party Users

The Challenge: Increased Attack Surface Via Third-Party Resources

Many organizations today offshore certain resources or work with external vendors who need access to their internal resources. Utilizing third-party contractors and partners has many benefits, but unfortunately it can open your organization to serious risks and vulnerabilities, such as:

  • Increased complexity around unmanaged third-party devices, inability to install software

  • Lack of supervised access or session recording capabilities for auditing & compliance

  • Publishing applications with direct internet access for third parties can lead to breaches down the road

  • Traditional VPNs and VDIs are insecure and do not scale for external users

It is clear that supply chain and third-party attacks will continue to rise, and that’s why Cyolo is here to help.

What is Cyolo?

Cyolo is the only trustless zero-trust access platform - with a focus on ease of use and the ability to protect your entire organization. Transform your secure access strategy with an agentless solution that can safeguard all your applications natively while simultaneously simplifying existing workflows for both users and admins.

The Solution: Zero Trust Network Access

Cyolo for Secure Third-Party Access

How does Cyolo compare to other solutions in the market?




Zero trust application access

Access any application or resource, from any device or network, by any user - all without an agent or infrastructure.

Private deployment model

No need to trust your vendor or worry about data sovereignty - keep all of your policies, user creds, and private keys in your environment.

Agentless-first deployment

Support non-corporate managed devices with agentless secure access and device posturing for BYOD. Access apps via web browser or native clients.

Session recording

Record SSH & RDP sessions for risky 3rd party users - retain full video transcript in your environment for compliance.

Zero change management

No firewall changes, routing changes, GRE, or IPsec tunnels are required to deploy the solution.

Supervised access

Require third-party contractors to request access from a supervisor before accessing critical infrastructure.

Native client support

Enable an easy experience for end users - native client support means no change in existing workflows and increased business productivity

The Cyolo Difference: Security and Agility Without Limits

Cyolo is the only secure access platform that offers true zero-trust security, as all data is kept within the organization's trust boundary at all times. Even f Cyolo were to be breached, your data would still be secure. The Cyolo platform is a comprehensive solution that enables secure access to any application and resource without granting network access and secures access from within the network as well.

Cyolo enables organizations to achieve operational agility and business continuity without the risk, optimize IT resources and keep users, including third-parties, productive and secure.

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