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No Change Management Needed

In many instances, deploying a new security solution is not only difficult but also potentially disruptive. Typical deployments require multiple security and IT groups to coordinate for a synchronized go-live. Even with the best laid plans, new tools come with challenges that can include connectivity issues, downtime, and business disruption.

Cyolo was founded by a veteran Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and two ethical hackers. Given their deep understanding of the daily work of security and IT teams, they understand the many disruptions that come with new processes and technologies. They have lived the reality of good projects going wrong – so they designed Cyolo to be different.

“Change management is the enemy of security.”

Almog Apirion, CEO & Co-Founder, Cyolo

Deploying the Cyolo secure access platform requires no change management. It is self-contained, deployed within firewall boundaries, and takes around 10 minutes to get started. A typical Cyolo installation does not require special expertise and can be performed by anyone familiar with a Linux prompt.

  • Guided User Installation (GUI) with minimal operator input

  • The license, delivered by Cyolo ahead of time, includes all the product options/variants, domain

  • information, etc.

  • Unique scripting provides DNS changes and SSL certificate generation

  • Where required, operator input is supported by highly accurate (99% match) suggested default values

  • As opposed to DMZ deployed solutions, Cyolo is designed to run behind the organizational Firewall and does not require any open incoming port

  • Typically, no new Firewall rules, or any Firewall team involvement, are needed.

Change management is also important to consider from a user perspective, as any change to users' normal workflow can have a serious impact on productivity. Cyolo simplifies adoption of security tools for users by enforcing policy without requiring changes in their workflow.

  • One-time multi-factor authentication (MFA) identity validation

  • Comprehensive single sign-on (SSO) to their needed tools

  • Access to all applications and systems needed for work (and nothing more)

  • No new logins or passwords to remember

From a technical perspective, solving the change management challenge can significantly improve organizational security. The best tools are those that easily integrate with the existing security stack and are easy for security teams to operate.

Below are common technical change management challenges and how Cyolo’s unique approach eliminates them.




Technical Expertise Needed

Cyolo is simple to deploy and does not require hiring, contracting, or training additional staff.


Installation Timelines

The Cyolo platform installation typically takes less than 10 minutes and does not require a maintenance window.


Firewall Rules Update

As a ‘Reverse Proxy,’ Cyolo sends traffic out Port 443 and does not require configuration from the firewall team.


Routing Table Changes

Cyolo uses Server Name Indication (SNI) to route traffic, so no changes are needed to core routing tables.


DNS Query Configuration

Cyolo has an internal DNS server and does not require additional configuration.


Planned Upgrade Downtime

Cyolo is deployed in high availability clusters and upgrades are scheduled for minimal impact to operations.


Endpoint Agent Installation

Agentless deployment with no changes to MDM or Group Policy needed to connect devices.


Device Posture Assessment

User self-installs agent to run device health check and then it quietly launches and runs when needed.


Identity Provider Integration

Cyolo integrates and can federate multiple IdPs into a single user validation workflow.


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