Mar 19, 2023
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What's New in Cyolo 4.0

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Samuel Hill

Cyolo 4.0 has officially arrived! We seek to be highly responsive to what our customers are asking the platform to deliver for them, and this release is no different. We are excited to announce the details of our new release below, including some new features. 

Cyolo Release Notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release.

So, What's New?

Simplified End-User Login Flow

Cyolo 4.0 includes a new and more straightforward login flow that is based on the username and redirects the user to the relevant IDP for credentialing.

Logging to the Cyolo platform is now a simpler process, using a single username field to locate the identity. This article explains how administrators configure domain rules and how users experience the enrollment and login process.

The benefit is a streamlined and easy-to-use process for every user to be authenticated into the Cyolo platform, enabling them to complete their work with convenience as well as security.

Application Portal Redesign

Administrators can now organize published applications in categories and control category visibility for their users. Users also have the ability to manage the applications within categories on their own Applications Portal. Users can organize published applications in categories, control category visibility, views, search, and management of applications within categories on the Application portal.

The benefit is that users can customize their application groups to make it easier to find and organize their experience. Additionally, administrators can preset groups of applications to further enhance this process.

Cyolo Connect Agent - Android

Cyolo Connect is our platform’s agent, which is a prerequisite for network-based access, for enforcing device posture profiles, and for seamlessly launching native applications directly from the Cyolo Applications portal. Cyolo Connect must either be installed on a managed device or downloaded by the user. The Cyolo Connect Android application is now available in Google Play.

The benefit of this update is that it delivers advanced functionality, such as device posture assessments, for mobile devices that run the Android operating system. 

To take advantage of these new enhancements to the Cyolo platform, contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager to plan your upgrade. 

Not yet a Cyolo customer? Contact us today for a conversation about your toughest access-related challenges and how we can help.

Samuel Hill


Samuel is the Director of Product Marketing at Cyolo. Before cybersecurity, he spent 7 years working in the ER and loves to tell stories. He is the husband to one, father to four, lives in Bozeman, MT, and would rather be outside. He holds an M.A. in Strategic Leadership from Life Pacific University.

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