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Buyer's Guide: Securing Third-Party Access

This Buyer's Guide is designed to cut through the noise around zero-trust access. Read it now to better understand how to find a vendor and solution that will enable you to embrace the benefits of your third-party vendor relationships without the added security risk.

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Third-party vendors, partners, and contractors provide businesses with a huge productivity boost that could not be achieved any other way. However, allowing external users to access sensitive internal systems creates serious risk. Even well-intentioned third-party users are not invested in an organization and its security the same way that employees are. Similarly, vendors' own security hygiene – over which the hiring organization has little to no control – may not meet the corporate standard and can easily lead to disastrous outcomes.

Enforcing zero-trust access for third-party users is the best way to get all the productivity and cost-saving benefits of these relationships without incurring added risk. This Buyer's Guide will help you understand how to select a vendor and solution that will allow your organization to fully achieve its zero-trust goals.

Download the complete guide to learn:

  • How to assess your current environment for security gaps and specific solution needs

  • The main principles to use when searching for a zero-trust access solution

  • What core capabilities are critical to ensuring the success of a zero-trust access deployment project

  • Red flags to look out for as you evaluate different solutions and vendors