Streamlining Remote Access for Internal *and* External Users with Cyolo

Looking to ensure secure remote access for employees as well as third-party vendors, technicians, and contractors?

This short video explores how the team at Tata Chemicals, a mining and processing company located in rural Wyoming, is augmenting their VPN with zero-trust access from Cyolo - and achieving fantastic results in terms of both security and productivity.

Video Transcript

McKay Smith, IT Manager, Tata Chemicals: As we have worked through mitigating risk in our cybersecurity roadmap, Cyolo has helped us take care of remote access and ensuring that anyone that accesses our networks is working within the framework that we have set up. And Cyolo has helped us do that.

Gibson Mark, Senior Systems Administrator, Tata Chemicals: Before, we were relying primarily on our Cisco AnyConnect VPN for remote access. And it was functional for that purpose, but it was a lot of overhead to maintain and to keep those connections secure, especially when dealing with remote access for vendors,where you would have to set up a unique policy and account and an ACL for every single type of remote access concerning a vendor. It was just a lot of overhead and maintenance, and it took a lot of effort to keep that secure over a long period of time.

Smith: So, first and foremost, it was MFA, which we use in conjunction with our VPN to ensure that there's multi-factor authentication for remote access. Furthermore, they implemented zero-trust access to allow access into our OT networks as well. And that was implemented at the DMZ level and helped secure access to OT networks for vendors and employees as well.

Mark: Tata Chemicals has benefited a great deal from Cyolo’s platform. We're able to more easily provide remote access to systems to both to internal users and external users. The management overhead of all of these remote access connections has been greatly reduced. The ease of use of the remote access has been increased for both third party individuals and for our internal employees as well. The adoption rates of these secure remote access methods has gone up substantially since we implemented Cyolo, so it's worked very well for us.

Smith: The ultimate result is that we now are able to have secure remote access for employees, contractors,and vendors. We know when they come into our networks, we know what they're going to access, we can go back and review those sessions and determine if they're doing what we authorized them to do. And so now we have confidence that all those different groups are accessing when, where and what we've really outlined in that agreement. 

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