On-Demand Webinar

Enhancing Operational Safety Through Secure Controlled Access

In the world of Operational Technology (OT), the repercussions of an incident transcend financial loss or reputational damage and can include production downtime and, in the worst case scenario, threats to human safety and the environment.

In this webinar, we explore how to find the balance between maintaining a safe, secure operational environment and maximizing productivity.

Kevin Kumpf

Chief OT/ICS Strategist, Cyolo

Watch the On-Demand Webinar

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • The challenges within the OT landscape and the risks associated with operational disruptions and downtime.

  • The pivotal role of regulatory compliance in shaping the current and future state of OT environments.

  • The implementation challenges confronted by IT and OT teams as they navigate the intricate process of building a safe and secure environment.

  • How Cyolo empowers organizations to provide safe and secure access to critical resources, thereby enhancing productivity and optimizing operations.