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Cyolo Unveils Innovative Partner Program for Next Generation Zero Trust

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cyolo, creators of Next Generation Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA 2.0), today officially announced the launch of their partnership program, Cyolo Connected. Cyolo Connected paves the way to greater profitability and scalability by empowering partners to provide their customers with simple, secure connectivity and identity management while simultaneously reducing operational complexity.

Tailored to meet the needs of all types of partners, Cyolo Connected welcomes MSSPs, MSPs, VARs, distribution partners, agents, carriers and vendors throughout the cybersecurity space and grants them access to an expansive suite of support services. More specifically, the program provides tools and guidance partners can depend on, as well as customized, detailed support to maximize joint sales activities.

Whether partners are targeting customers switching from VPN access or just beginning to implement a cybersecurity strategy, Cyolo Connected offers the pertinent services and resources to introduce and educate customers on the importance of secure connectivity and true zero trust. And as the only zero trust access solution designed for both IT and OT, Cyolo is singularly positioned to help partners navigate and overcome the security challenges associated with each — and with their convergence. Moreover, the Cyolo platform is designed to be MSSP and MSP friendly, providing an extensive API-driven platform for simple integration as well as fully adaptable to any network (cloud, hybrid or off-line).

“After our successful Series A funding last year, developing this partner program was the logical next step for our team,” said Cyolo CEO Almog Apirion. “Cyolo has created a ZTNA solution that empowers companies to take cybersecurity into their own hands. We want to make sure our partners have the tools they need to enable their customers, wherever they happen to be on their zero trust journey.”

Cyolo Connected offers partners a suite of benefits that includes exclusive access to Cyolo’s online partner portal, deal registration discounts, certified SE/SA trainings and additional sales enablement tools. Cyolo will also work with partners to create customized and co-branded content, with collaboration on both sales and marketing campaigns to target specific verticals, such as banking and finance, tech, and OT. Further, partners will have access to Cyolo’s extensive list of subject matter experts to support their sales teams.

Another critical feature of the partner program is its channel neutral compensation plan, which eliminates competition between direct sales and partners.

“Cyolo Connected was intentionally designed to be channel neutral, which reflects our dedication to establishing long-term and mutually beneficial partner relationships,” said Cyolo VP of Sales, Quinton King. “Channel neutrality will allow us to fully commit to building a partner program powerhouse while driving the success of each one of our partners.”

“We know how important it is for companies to build a cybersecurity infrastructure to protect their workforce,” added King. “But we’re also aware that adopting an entirely new security framework like zero trust can feel overwhelming. This is why we are so serious about supporting our partners. As the only security provider that has zero access or visibility into user data — in practice, true zero trust — we aim to ensure the full journey from sales to implementation is as easy as possible.”

Those wishing to sign up for the program can do so at

About Cyolo

Cyolo’s proprietary Zero Effort approach embraces Zero Trust connectivity, unifies the simplicity and agility of cloud native solutions, on-prem, or as a hybrid, while never storing sensitive information. Cyolo fits with any industry and vertical to provide businesses with access to critical applications and reduce their operational security costs. Cyolo has created the Next Generation Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA 2.0), a unified solution which allows IT and security teams to easily implement Zero Trust connectivity and create their own distributed cloud with literally no infrastructure change. Cyolo is a ‘zero trust, zero effort’ cyber security company built for the workforce of today, keeping users securely connected no matter where they are. Learn more at

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